Canneed Vietnam, CanNeed-CDS-10, CanNeed-CDS-10 Canneed Vietnam, đại lý Canneed Vietnam


CanNeed-CDS-100 Can Dissect Saw was specially designed to cut the can body into two axially, so that to observe the situation of corrosion or lacquer scale off.


For other saw blade exposed saws, it is very dangerous and easy to cut the fingers. And the sawing process of the CanNeed-CDS-100 Can Dissect Saw is more safety, convenient and fast, no need to worry about cutting the fingers during the sawing process.

Over-hard steel saw blades, solid and durable.

Farewell to the old method of cutting the ends. It is so clear to observe the inside situation of the cans.

Technical Parameter

Sample diameters

: 50-68mm

Power supply

: 220V

Cutting rotate speed

: Approx. 1000 r/min


: 100W


: L380×W240×H200mm




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