Canneed  CAN-SST-300
Secure seal tester,3 head
Canneed  SST-S22X25X25
Rubber seal column, 21.7mm
Applicable for PET bottle with mouth inner diameter of 21.7, SST.056
Canneed  CSG-200
Countersink Gauge (Digital)
Suitable for end types from 113 to 307
Canneed  KZJ-106-0501
KZJ-SST-2 main unit (TO INCLUDE
Secure Seal Tester
Canneed  SST-C1
Concave piercing head
Applicable for piercing crown caps and PET
bottle caps and so on.
Canneed  SST-C1
Concave piercing head
Canneed  Canneed-CSS-P3
Portable Seam Saw
with saw blade 63×0.5mm×120TX16 (CSS.488)
Canneed  AS-300D
Digital AutoShaker Beverage CO2 Calculator
Canneed  CND-BPT4-1.0
Software BPT-4000 glass?bottle?pressure
Canneed  TDE-100-C**
Temperature probe
Probe length is **mm
Canneed  CMDI
Cable for Mitutoyo Digital Indicator
Canneed  SST-C25
Pressure fixture assembly, 25mm
Applicable for measuring the PET bottle neck
diameter =26mm, including #25 fixture, 25/28 space plate and connecting pipe
Canneed  CSS-1000
Anti-noise seam saw