Bộ chuyển đổi dòng điện AMS90 Santerno

Pitesco là Đại lý Santerno Vietnam

Bộ chuyển đổi dòng điện một pha AC / DC bán điều khiển AMS90 Santerno dùng để cung cấp mạch phần ứng và mạch trường của động cơ DC mạch analog để điều khiển mômen hoặc điều khiển tốc độ.

Power supply voltage range

– Power supply mains: 230/400VAC single-phase via voltage changeover jumper, 50/60Hz via selection jumper (DIP-switch).
– 415/440VAC voltage ratings on demand.
– Power supply Excitation of single-phase rectifier bridge with suppression varistor.
– Armature voltage 0…280VDC (for 400VAC mains supply).
– Mains isolation Galvanic isolation if in tacho generator feedback.
– Reference supply Stabilized, +10VAC and -10VDC

Speed inputs
N.1 direct input + N.1 ramp input, via 0…+10VDC voltage reference signal, with output on terminal board.
N.1 direct input via 4…20mA current reference signal, selectable via dedicated jumper.

Maximum and minimum speed value (minimum value adjustable via potentiometer).
Internal or external current limit.
Armature compensation.
Acceleration and deceleration ramps.
Speed offset.

DC supply voltage present.
Current limit reached.
Zero speed.
Converter running.

Auxiliary functions
Soft acceleration and deceleration, with automatic unlock at start.
Tacho feedback with automatic polarity rectification.
High-impedance armature feedback with RxI drop compensation.
Current limit Adjustable via internal trimmer or 0…-10VDC external voltage source.

Analog outputs
0…+10VDC V OUT voltage signal proportional to the speed of the connected motor.
0…+10VDC I OUT current signal proportional to the armature current.

Digital I/Os
Input for RUN/STAND BY command with high or low voltage level, jumper-selectable.
Output with relay isolated contact for zero speed signal.

Environmental requirements
Natural air cooling.
Allowable temperature ranging from 0 to 40°C.
Derate by 4% per each increasing degree.
Allowable relative humidity ranging from 20 to 90% (non-condensing).
Max. allowable altitude 1000m (a.s.l.).
Derate by 1% every 100m up.

Weight: 2.65kg for AMS90/1.10 and 1.20; 3.3kg for AMS90/1.30.

Degree of protection: IP20.


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