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The flame scanner 2.0 is based on the spectral UV-VIS and IR flame radiation analysis. Both spectral ranges are recorded separately by a dual detector and evaluated selective with automatic Vorverstärkerregelung and integrated frequency control. The high-frequency modulation flame of the primary combustion zone is optimally utilized. Extinctions of UV-VIS flicker frequencies can no longer occur because the higher-energy IR radiation is processed separately. The usually nerwünschte constant light component of the flame serves to fuel-specific regulation of the flame detector. The dual detector consists of a lead-sulphide-carrier where a silicon was vapor deposited photoelement. The element Si acts as a UV filter in front of which lies on the same axis PbS element. It hides the short-wave radiation components, otherwise lead to problems in the use of PbS detectors. Of a controlled environment through the temperature compensation of the operating point of the flame sensor is stabilized and maintained the spectral linearity. The signals of both photo elements result in the mixing step, a sum signal very large spectral bandwidth. Spectral shifts in the flame enter et al Information about the oxidation of the fuel and therefore information about the quality of combustion. The signal components of the UV-VIS and IR radiation intensities are adjustable to allow for the flame evaluation fully exploit separately. The downstream bandpass causes only the typical flame-radiation modulation of the primary combustion zone is used for the output form. The additional functional groups are designed to convert into standardized digital information utmost interference resistance. With the BFI special cable KW5 up cable lengths up to 500 m without additional drivers between flame sensor and switches can be realized.

Spectral sensitivity 300 to 2700 nm
Viewing angle 1°, 2° or 2.7°
Self-monitoring fully electronic, once per second

Operating voltage 24 V DC, inner electrical isolation
Current consumption max. 100 mA
Operating temperature range -20 to +70 °C
Electric connection dust-proof plug connector
Protection IP65
Length of cable max. 500 m (KW 5)

Sight tube connection 1" internal thread. ISO 228
Purging air connection 1/2" internal thread ISO 228
Purging air quantity 10 m³/h at standard conditions
Purging air pressure 0.02 bar over combustion chamber inner pressure
Weight approximate 1.5 kg
CE CE0085BS0478
CSA 1150499
SIL3 968/EL 440.02/18