Beckwithelectric Vietnam, M-3410A, máy phát điện M-3410A, Đại lý Beckwithelectric Vietnam


Protective Functions

  • Sync-check with Phase Angle, ∆V and ∆F with dead line/dead bus options (25)
  • Phase undervoltage (27) protection
  • Ground undervoltage (27G) protection
  • Dual-setpoint, single or three phase, directional power detection that can be selected as over/under power protection (32)
  • Dual-zone, offset-mho loss-of-field for generator protection (40)
  • Sensitive negative sequence overcurrent protection and alarm (46)
  • Negative sequence overvoltage (47)
  • Inverse time neutral overcurrent (51N)
  • Phase overcurrent with voltage restraint/control (51V) protection
  • Phase overvoltage (59) protection
  • Ground overvoltage (59G) protection
  • Peak overvoltage (59I) protection
  • VT fuse-loss detection and blocking (60FL)
  • Reconnect enable for intertie protection (79)
  • Four-step over/under frequency (81) protection

Standard Features

  • 2 programmable outputs, 2 programmable inputs, and 1 self-test output
  • Oscillographic recording (COMTRADE file format)
  • Time-stamped sequence of events recording for 32 events
  • Metering of Voltage, Current, real and reactive Power, Power Factor, Frequency, and Positive Sequence Impedance
  • One RS-232 port (COM1) on front and one RS-232 or 485 port (COM2) on rear
  • M-3810A IPScom® For WindowsTM Communications Software
  • MODBUS protocol
  • Supports both 50 and 60 Hz applications
  • Accepts 1A or 5 A rated CT inputs
  • Relay voltage inputs can be directly connected (no VT required) for voltages O 480 V ac
  • Continuous Self-Diagnostics

Optional Features

  • M-3801D IPSplot® PLUS Oscillograph Analysis Software
  • Horizontal and Vertical panel mount versions available
  • Standard 19” Rack Mount Available
  • Surface Mount Version available
  • Adapter Plate available for M-0290 and M-0296 Pride protection relay replacement