The digital hand-held meter with his sw lcd display, 3 point balancing possibility, with intuitive software for data storage of machine identifier and machine measuring points, included trend measurement and temperature measurement, that have been developed for the analysis of vibration with a high reliability for the daily service-usage with ensuing service-check.


vibration: max. 50g RMS, bearing condition max. 30 g BC

measuring value: g, mm/s, m/s² , in/s, µm, mils value in (RMS, Peak, Peak-Peak) display 5 highest peak-value can be displayed.

frequency range: 2- 400Hz, 6-1600Hz, 11- 3200Hz, 10- 1000Hz and 0,5- 16000 Hz for the bearing condition measurement BC ( g )

logging: storage option of 100 measured values, and 10 balance results

infrared temperature measurement: 0°-120°C

temperature: 0° to 50°C

weight: 415g

dimensions (l x b x h): 165 x 80 x 50 mm