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LDRA6 control panels continuously monitor up to 1,000 ft. of SC water detection cable per zone. If the cable detects conductive fluid at any point along its length, the detection panel illuminates the corresponding zone LED, clearly indicating which zone is affected. An alarm signals the presence of a leak. Additionally, if the cable fails or loses continuity, the panel will activate a cable fault LED. The detection sensitivity can be set independently for each zone. A summary alarm relay output is standard. The LDRA6 can interface with a computer via an RS-232 port, through which 117 days of cable current level readings and the last 100 alarms can be accessed for analysis. The LDRA6-MB also offers an optional Modbus® slave port allowing other devices to communicate with it.

  • Monitoring data centers, computer room under-floor areas, mechanical rooms, and electrical control centers
  • Protecting records storage rooms
  • Monitoring plumbing in facilities
  • Monitoring chilled beams


  • Monitor up to 1,000 ft. (300m) of water leak detection cable per zone...application flexibility
  • Two LED indicators per zone...leak and cable fault
  • Sensitivity settings for each zone help eliminate false alarms...maximum detection accuracy
  • Summary alarm relay output...fast response
  • Alarm and trend logs of the last 100 alarms and 117 days of cable current levels, plus RS-232 and Modbus RS-485 ports...output versatility