U006-0011, U006-0011 Veris, U006-0011 Veris VietNam, Veris - U006-0011, U006-0011 Cable Veris, Đại lý hãng Veris tại Việt Nam

SC water detection cable is designed for use with our Zone and Distance Read Series panels. This cable senses the presence of water or other conductive fluid, which is annunciated by the panel. The SC cable is designed for the highest accuracy and maximum reliability. This cable is highly flexible, durable, and kink-resistant. It lies flat after installation, and it is abrasion resistant. The cable is plenum rated and UL listed, making them ideal for use under raised floors and areas where plenum rated cable is required. Choose a pre-specified cable length, or a custom length for your convenience and installation flexibility. 


  • Strong, durable, and abrasion resistant
  • Expansion with mating end connectors...easy installation
  • Available in pre-measured and custom lengths with pre-installed end connectors...installation flexibility
  • Plenum rated and UL listed
  • Highly accurate alarm notification...no false alarms