Radar measurement
Micropilot FMR20

Micropilot FMR20

Level measurement in liquids for water & wastewater and utilities in all industries

Micropilot FMR20 offers continuous non-contact level and flow (via linearization table) measurement and is a perfect application fit for the water & wastewater industry and utilities across all industries. Commissioning is possible via HART or wireless via app using Bluetooth® or with remote display. Signal curves can be shown via app on every Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone/tablet (iOS, Android). With the compact design, thanks to unique chip, the device is ideal for limited space applications.


·         Non-contact radar with commissioning via HART or wireless via Bluetooth® app or with remote display

·         Most compact radar due to unique radar chip design offering perfect fit in limited space applications

·         Best price-performance-ratio radar

·         Perfect application fit for water & wastewater and utilities in all industries (IP66, 68 / NEMA4x, 6P)

·         Full PVDF body to resist outdoor conditions, sealed wiring and fully potted electronics eliminates water ingress and allows operation under harsh environmental conditions

·         Easy setup with three main parameters suits for most applications

·         Simple, safe and secure wireless remote access via Bluetooth® – even in hazardous areas or places difficult to reach

Field of application

Radar for continuous level measurement and flow measurement (with open channels or weirs, via linearization table) in liquids. For use in storage tanks, open basins, pump/lift stations or sewer management.

·         Process connections: Threads, flange versions

·         Process temperature: -40 to +80°C (-40 to +176°F)

·         Process pressure: -1 to +3bar (-14.5 to +43psi)

·         Maximum measuring ranges 10m (33ft), 20m (66ft)

·         Accuracy: ±2mm (0.08")

·         Measuring frequency: 26GHz

·         International explosion protection certificates

Features and specifications

·         Measuring principle

Level radar

·         Characteristic / Application

- Water & Wastewater (e.g. basins / channels / rivers / dams / lift stations / storm water basins / pump control)

- Utility applications in all industries

- Storage tanks

·         Specialities

Bluetooth® commissioning,

Operation and maintenance SmartBlue App

·         Supply / Communication

2-wire (HART, 4…20 mA, Modbus),

Bluetooth® wireless technology and App (optional)

·         Frequency

K-band (~26 GHz)

·         Accuracy

+/- 2 mm (0,08")

·         Process temperature

-40…+80°C (-40…+176°F)

·         Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

-1…3 bar (-14,5…43 psi)

·         Main wetted parts


·         Process connection


G1", NPT1"; G1 1/2", NPT1 1/2", G2", NPT2",


UNI DN80….DN150 (3"…6")

·         Max. measurement distance

10m (DN40);

20m (= >DN80)

·         Communication

4...20mA HART


Bluetooth® wireless technology

·         Certificates / Approvals


·         Options

Remote operation via SmartBlue App using Bluetooth®,

Remote HART indicator RIA15 in order structure,

Flooding protection tube,

Different mounting possibilities

·         Application limits


Ammoniacal gas phase:

FMR54 in stilling well;

Strong build-up formation:

FMR54 with air purge; 
Only PTFE resistant:


Custody transfer measurement:

FMR5xx or NMR8x