PM2 Series - Convergent Reflective Microphotoelectric Sensors

PM2 Series - Convergent Reflective Microphotoelectric Sensors                           

Convergent reflective sensor for low cost embedded usage

  • Very stable detection
  • Hardly affected by backgrounds*
  • Small size for space savings
  • Dark object detectable
  • Detects objects as small as .05mm
  • Available in QD or cable type

The PM2 series of micro photoelectric sensors offers a convergent reflective sensing solution for incredibly stable sensing. Because the sensor only detects in a limited area, it is not affected by background objects, color, or reflectivity. Small objects down to 0.05mm can be detected reliably as well**. Three sensor head styles are available in both connector and cable types.

PM-25, PM-45, PM-65 Series

PM-25, PM-45, PM-65 Series - NEW!

Introducing the ultimate u-shaped micro photoelectric sensors. Completely rebuilt for better performance and mounting ease. Key features include:

  • Three built-in protection circuits on all models
  • IP64 rating - Integrated molding reduces risk of malfunctions caused by splashing water or dust (PM-25,45)
  • Easy-to-see, multi-angle operation indicator
  • Compact size (PM-45 models)
  • Wider, 6mm opening - Less possibility of collision between the sensing section and sensing object
  • Beam marks for easy adjustment
  • Easy mount with M3 Screws (not included)