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Ultrasonic flow and energy metering systems clamp onto the outside of pipes without contacting the internal liquid. The technology has many advantages over other products including los-cost installation, no pressure head loss, no moving parts to maintain or replace, excellent fluid compatibility, and a wide bidirectional measuring range that ensures reliable readings even at very low and very high flow rates. Veris ultrasonic metering products are available in a variety of configurations that permit selection of an ideal system, no matter what the application.

The monitor is available in two versions: standard flow and energy flow versions. Energy versions are used in conjunction with dual clamp-on or insert RTD temperature sensors. The energy flow meter calculates energy usage in BTU or tons, and it is ideal for retrofit, chilled water, and other HVAC and building automation applications.


  • Commercial and industrial installations involving clean liquids or liquids containing small amounts of suspended solids or aeration


  • Wide range of measurable fluids, including water, brine, raw sewage, ethylene glycol, glycerin, and more...flexibility in commercial and industrial applications
  • Bidirectional flow measurement...can measure forward flow, reverse flow, and net total
  • No contact with from fouling and damage from system pressure
  • Modbus RTU and BACnet/IP communications available...easy integration with existing data collection systems
  • Compact, rugged aluminum housing...long service in harsh environments
  • Digital LCD...easy to read
  • Universal AC or DC power with clamp-on or insertion temperature sensors and numerous measurement unit choices...lots of flexibility
  • Factory programming included using a web-based tool at time of time in installation
  • 1 Year Warranty