MB /AL BIK - BLASTER MB/AL BIK Meccrios Vietnam

The MB/AL - BIK, dual - hose blasting unit is complete with a powder mixer (Sodium Bicarbonate). This machine is suitable for specific application where is necessary to mix at the dry ice a very low quantity of powder like sodium bicarbonate. This mixing makes stronger the action of the dry ice. The MB/AL - BIK unit is suitable for the removal of: graffiti, chewing –gum, hard contaminant in general for example in the building sector . The machine is made of Inox 304. The MB/AL – BIK is supplied complete with the "Coax" gun with 3.5 mt hose and cylindrical nozzle. The dry ice tank has a capacity of 40 kg allowing the machine to be used for 45-60 minutes before refilling. With an operating pressure of up to 8 bar, the MB/AL - BIK provides extremely effective cleaning in short time. The machine weights 40 kg. Its compact size allows to be fitted even in narrow spaces and in production areas. The MB/AL - BIK dual – hose unit uses dry ice pellets with a diameter of 3 mm.

Technical data

Operating pressure = 2,5÷8,5 bar
Compressed air consumption(*) = 3,3÷4,4 mc/min at 6 bar
Dry ice capacity = 40 kg
Dry ice consumption = 30÷60 kg/h
Bicarbonate consumption = 2÷4 kg/h
Dimensions = 300 x 480 x h 800 mm.
Weight = 40 kg (36 + 4 pipes)
Air connection = 1" BSP
Dual hose - Pneumatic functioning - Venturi system
Powder mixer


  • Blaster Microblast MB/AL-BIK
  • Bicarbonate feeder
  • "Coax" blasting gun with 3,5 mt hose
  • Cylindrical nozzle
  • Manual

(*): The compressed air must be kept clean and free of oil, foreign bodies and water

On demand the functioning can be made all electric