Guardian Safety Chuck
Guardian Safety Chuck

Guardian Safety Chucks feature a longer service life, easier roll loading and has the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry

Replaceable Inserts – A2 & A3

·         Save Time – Hardened inserts offer a longer service life, and if they become worn or damaged, they can be quickly and easily replaced with just a couple of tools in a matter of minutes without needing to remove the chuck itself.

·         Save Money – Replace only the inserts. No longer a need to replace full handwheels when performing maintenance

·         Add Versatility – Inserts can be swapped out to accommodate other shaft sizes.

Shorter Lead Times
Standard Sized Safety Chucks are available in 3-4 weeks. Non standard available in 5-6.

Redesigned Journal Seat
Shorter Lead Times, Reduced Downtime, Reduced Maintenance Costs, and Increased Versatility

Automatic Locking in Case of Accidental Rotation
Beyond +/-10° rotation from the vertical axis Guardian Safety Chucks begin to automatically lock, achieving full lock at 30° to ensure maximum safety from accidental shaft rotation.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
A longer service life combined with reduced maintenance costs give the Guardian Chucks the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a chuck.

Easier Roll Loading for Operators

Built to Suit Customizable Shaft Ends

Self Centering Journal Seat

Pedestal Mount or Flange Mount Available

Longer Service Life

Normal and Sliding Chuck Styles Available

Backwards Compatible to Our KL Safety Chucks

Increased Safety Factor
A2 Journal seats have been re-designed and tested to provide one of the highest safety factors in the industry.

Rugged, Hardened Design
Guardian Safety Chucks are designed to withstand the harshest environments and working conditions while never sacrificing safety or performance.

Superior Concentricity
Tightly held journal seat tolerances provide superior roll winding/unwinding concentricity.