Earth-Rite RTR, Static Grounding For Tank Trucks, Newson Gale Vietnam, Tiếp địa điện tử Newson Gale Việt Nam, Thiết Bị Chính Hãng Giá Tốt

Nguồn cấp 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz
Có đầu kẹp tiếp địa cho xe xitec và dây nối
Có đèn báo trạng thái kẹp tiếp địa
có đầu ra output báo trạng thái kẹp tiếp địa
Chuẩn phòng nổ: Zone 1
Cấp bảo vệ: IP65

MODE 1 |Tank Truck Recognition In accordance with the recommendations of IEC 60079-32-1*, the Earth-Rite RTR II determines if the grounding clamp is connected to a tank truck. MODE 2 | Static Ground Verification The Earth-Rite II RTR ensures that it has a connection to the general mass of the earth. This is a critical input as a connection to earth is the only means by which the static electricity can be transferred from the tank truck, preventing the accumulation of static electricity. MODE 3 | Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring In accordance with the key recommendations of IEC 60079-32-1* and NFPA 77*, the Earth-Rite II RTR ensures the resistance between the tank truck and the verified grounding point at the loading rack never exceeds 10 ohms. The Earth-Rite II RTRachieves this by monitoring the resistance between the RTR clamp’s connection to the tank truck and the RTR’s connection to the verified grounding point for the duration of the transfer operation. *IEC 60079-32-1, “Explosive atmospheres: electrostatic hazards, guidance” *NFPA 77, “Recommended Practice on Static Electricity”. Pulsing LEDs confirm positive ground connection. Compliant with IEC 60079-32-1 & NFPA 77 The monitoring set-point of 10 ohms resistance is compliant with the standards for static control in hazardous areas: IEC 60079-32-1 & NFPA77. Operator friendly interface Simple GO / NO GO indication informs operator when the road tanker is connected to ground. When a positive ground connection is made the pulsing hi-visibility indicators are activated during the MODE 3| Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring stage. Control / Interlock capability (Two dry output contacts) The first output contact can be used to interlock with flow control devices (e.g. pumps, valves, PLCs) to ensure product cannot flow unless the RTR has established a ground path for the tanker truck. The second output contact can operate attention grabbing devices (e.g. strobe lights) to warn personnel that a hazardous product transfer is underway. * Optional Instrinsically safe switching PCB is also available, see Page 8. Wide operating temperature range The RTR system can operate in extreme weather conditions without modifications or enhanced protection: -40°F to +122°F. Detachable Clamp & Cable Quick Connect system provides flexible and easy removal of grounding clamp and cable from the hazardous area for maintenance. Universally Approved Enclosure Suitable for installation in highest range of gas and vapour environments.