CF7618-10CM・CF5828-83CM, DC121・DC141, DC621, TDO4, BP2-SS-050, Azumi Filter Paper Vietnam, Azumi Filter Paper Pites Vietnam, đại lý Azumi Filter Paper Vietnam

CF7618-10CM・CF5828-83CM, DC121・DC141, DC621, TDO4, BP2-SS-050 Azumi Filter Paper Vietnam

TDO4 is a deodorizing paper designed for gases, and which contains titanium oxide (a photoxidative catalyst), an inorganic deodorizer, and activated carbon.This product effectively removes acetaldehyde, etc. when irradiated with ultraviolet light or sunlight.In addition, the incorporation of an inorganic deodorizer and activated carbon allows this product to remove odors caused by ammonia and acetic acid, etc. even under lightless conditions.