6012-1031-00 Bộ điều khiển ngọn lửa BFI Vietnam,  6012-1031-00 Compact Flame Controller CFC100 BFI Việt Nam, 6012-1031-00 BFI, Đại lý BFI Automation Vietnam

The compact flame controller CFC 100 has been developed for the monitoring of gas and oil flames in single burner furnaces and multi burner installations. By high-resolution switching thresholds can first be masked with a UV tube device, the ambient light. The CFC 100 has a 20-fold higher Shutter service life by Shutter combination electrical / mechanical. The tube life has been tripled by the use of special high-temperature tubes.


100% Germany  Origin

BFI Vietnam

Model: 6012-1031-00
Compact Flame Controller CFC100 (Replaces part no: S 550.0)