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Our torque sensors are used to detect torque applied to rotating shafts, mainly used for testing motors, engines, and other rotary components. Those are available in wide capacity ranges from 0.05Nm to 10000Nm, and we have drip-proof type as well. We also offer various instruments for monitoring torques, including (but not limited to) a USB interface for PC connection, digital indicators to monitor torque, rotation speed, and power simultaneously, and a power and energy monitor for motor test benches.


UTM series have been upgraded to UTM II to better meet the various needs of customers!

Great improvements on the bandwidth (1kHz), sampling rate (6kHz), overload rating (500%), and so on have been made, while all great features of the existing model are succeeded.

We will continue to devote ourselves to research and development of unique products. Please feel free to contact us anytime for further information!

Ideal torque meter for torque monitoring of screwdriving machines and power tools such as nutrunners

・ Prevent damage due to insufficient or excessive tightening

・ Torque monitoring : UTMⅡ(W), Torque+Angle monitoring : UTMⅡ(WR)

・ Capacity: 10Nm/20Nm/50Nm/100Nm/500Nm