Smartmeasurement Vietnam, ALVT-1-4-125-R-1-2-0-N-1-NMT, ALVT-1-4-125-R-1-2-0-N-1-NMT Smartmeasurement Vietnam


100% USA Origin

Smartmeasurement Vietnam

Model: ALVT-1-4-125-R-1-2-0-N-1-NMT
MUST complete below in order; quote to be confirmed:
Flow rate : 264.8-2648.3m3/hr
Line size : DN125
Fluid name : Please advise
Temperature  ( C ) : Please advise
Density : Please advise
Pressure (Barg) : Please advise
Note: flow velocity is 6-60m/s which correspond to 264.8-2648.3m3/hr volume flowrate under 5” pipe size.