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NW20-PTN | Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam

Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam
100% Japan Origin
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam
Model: NW20-PTN
Flow Sensor
Note: Though NW series contain lithium metal batteries, these are NOT dangerous goods.
100% Japan Origin
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam
Test Report
100% Japan Origin
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam
Certificate of Origin & Declaration of Qquality


・Built-in lithium batteries (No external power supply is required)

・Indications of both instantaneous flow-rate and integrating flow volume by only 1 flowmeter

・Revolving display unit (It can be fixed to a easy-to-read position)

・Simplified structure with the vane wheel type measuring principle

・Measurement of various liquids

・Reset function for indications of Integrating Flow Volume (Total) and Integrating Flow Volume (Trip)

・Value holding function for Instantaneous Flow-Rate indication

・Pulse output function (Option)


Model NW (Local display type)

Model NW-P (With pulse output)


Enhanced basic functions, user friendliness and cost efficiency are the key points


ND series offers high accuracy measurement of not only cold and warm water but also pure water, chemical fluids, etc. It is light-weighted compact body and is compatible with various kinds of fluids with the carefully selected casing materials such as PP, ETFE, PPO, etc., and with the highly sensitive magnetic sensor of our own development. This series is therefore widely applicable for various flow measurements and its control and monitoring as well.


Flowsensor Applications


・To control of warm water temperature

・To constantly supply water and warm water

・To monitor coolant, etc.

・To proportionally inject chemical fluids

・To control pressure loss of filters