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The SMC100CC is a single axis motion controller/driver for DC servo motors up to 48 VDC at 1.5 A rms. It provides a very compact and low-cost controller for most of Newport’s stages, including the popular GTS and ILS linear stages, URS rotation stages, and LTA actuators. Communication with the SMC100 is via the integrated RS-232-C interface, or a USB port using the SMC-USB adapter. The SMC100 controller requires a "straight-through" type of RS232 cable, when connecting it to a PC. A Null-Modem cable will not work. Advanced application programming is simplified by an ASCII command interface and a set of two-letter mnemonic commands. When used with Newport ESP stages, the SMC100 will automatically detect the connected stage for the safest and easiest system configuration. This exclusive Newport feature does not only reduce configuration time, but is also the best protection of your equipment from any accidental damage. Up to 31 controllers can be networked through the internal RS-485 communication link. This internal multi-drop full-duplex serial link simplifies communication to several units, without the need for sending address selection commands. This results in enhanced multi-axes management with improved program readability and faster communication compared to alternative systems based on an RS-232-C chain. The SMC100 also features advanced multi-axes commands, such as Stop all or Start a motion of all axes and performs at a 57,600 baud rate communication speed. Furthermore, for efficient process control, the SMC100 features dedicated digital outputs for In Motion and Not referenced. The SMC100CC comes with a power and network cable for daisy chaining when stacked. Power supply is not included with controller and must be purchased separately; please see: SMC-PS80.

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