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The LTA-HS High Speed Motorized Actuator is optimized for high-speed applications and provides a 50 mm travel range. LTA actuators are designed to fit into selected manual stages and other opto-mechanical components as direct replacement for manual micrometers. [Refer to the actuator compatibility table.] Features a space-saving design with the motor and lead screw mounted side-by-side. This reduces the actuator length by 50% and minimizes the unwanted effects of long cantilever loads on micro-positioning equipment. The non-rotating tip prevents wear and avoids periodic motion variations which can be caused by variable contact between a rotating tip and its mating surface. Precision motion is accomplished through a miniature DC servo motor with optimized output torque. This allows for faster motion and high load capacity. A movable limit switch prevents over-travel. The switch positions can be changed in minutes to adjust the maximum travel position. A manual adjustment knob permits quick positioning of the actuator when the motor is off. A scale indicates coarse actuator position in both millimeters and inches.