New Cosmos Electric Vietnam, NV-500, Hệ thống cảnh báo khí nhiều đầu dò NV-500, đại lý New Cosmos Electric Vietnam



  • Multi-point type (max. 12 points) gas alarm system for LPG or Methane.
  • 2・4・6・8・10・12 points type are available (2 points per unit).
  • Battery provides backup power in case of a power failure, allowing continuous monitoring over 30 minutes after the failure, then intermittently monitors for 2 days (option).
  • Earthquake-resistant design considering great earthquakes.
  • Battery life can be measured by one-touch operation.
  • Very easy to change the alarm set value.
  • Extremely easy zero adjustment and span adjustment.
  • Wide operating voltage range of 85-264 V.
  • Zero suppression function cancels slight fluctuations of the reading due to environmental change.


Model NV-500
Detection Principle Catalytic Combustion
Gas Detected LPG or Methane
Detection Points per Unit Monitors 2 points per unit
Detection Range 0-100%LEL (isobutane)
Concentration Indicator
Alarm Set Value Indication
Peak Hold Function (on alarm)
LCD bar-graph meter (53 dotsx2 lines)
Direct reading scale
Holds a peak value on alarm, which is canceled by the Reset
Alarm Set Value(default value)
/Change of the Set Value
Alarm Accuracy ±25% of Alarm Set Value (under identical conditions)
Response Time 30s or less at 160% concentration of an Alarm Set Value


(excluding sampling delay for extractive type)

Individual Alarm Lamp
On alarm: Flashes red, lights up after the Buzzer Stop
Complete lock (Turn off by the Reset after the level declined)
Alarm Sound Standard Operation On alarm: Intermittent buzzer, stops after the Buzzer Stop
Voice Alarm On alarm: Intermittent buzzer
Alarm Output
Individual Alarm Contact Dry NO contact (Contact capacity: 2A@100 VAC)
Individual Voltage Output 0-6-12 VDC (20mA or less)
Collective Alarm Contact Dry NO-C-NC contact (Contact capacity: 2A@100 VAC)
Centralized Monitor Panel Output 0-6-12 VDC (20mA or less)
External Buzzer Contact Dry NO contact (Contact capacity: 2A@100 VAC)
External Buzzer Voltage Output Intermittent voltage signal (12 VDC, 10mA or less)
Alarm Delay Selectable by a DIP switch (10s constant)
Main Power Source 85 to 264 VAC
When using KD-14 Diffusion type (15+3.5n)VA
When using PD-14 Extractive type (15+7.5n)VA
Backup Power
Battery Type Sealed lead acid battery
Overdischarge Prevention Function Yes
Battery Life Check Function Yes
Battery Voltage Indication 2-digit LED
Exterior Color Munsell 2.5PB 7.0/1.0