MONTALVO Vietnam, MPC-4 I/P W/GAUGE 1/4, Đại lý chính hãng MONTALVO Vietnam

100% China Origin MONTALVO Vietnam Model: MPC-4 I/P W/GAUGE 1/4
Pneumatic Converter ; Part no. 11000392

Accurate Dependable Signal Conversion
The MPC-4 I/P Converter provides accurate & dependable conversion of a DC current signal into a proportional pneumatic output.

High Flow Rate
Provides rapid response required for accurate control whether employing a dancer or load cell tension control system.

Quick Disconnect
Simplified installation with “quick disconnect” fittings for the pneumatic piping.

Mounting Brackets & Hardware Included
The MPC-4 I/P Converter is supplied with brackets for wall, panel, or DIN rail mounting

No Additional Power Required
MPC-4 requires no additional AC or DC power

Compact, Convenient Size
Ensures compatibility within the parameters of your application