Kumgyong Yamato Vietnam, CF-10 (CF-30), Máy cân thức ăn CF-10 (CF-30), Đại lý Kumgyong Yamato Vietnam

The CF-10/30 is a constant feed weigher which weigh-feeds a variety of materials powder, pellets, fibers, flakes, etc. with precision.
The controller employs a fuzzy control system that will accurately maintain an optimum feed rate.

The controller will also detect and respond to change in the environmental conditions and the materials characteristics to maintain the controlled paramenters.


Model CF-10 (CF-30)
Belt Width 300mm(500mm)
Max. Capacity 10 ton/hr(30 ton/hr)
Min. Capacity 5 kg/h(15kg/h)
Motor Type Servo or Inverter
Control Range 1:10 or 1:5
Weighing Accuracy ±1/200 of F.S
Control Accuracy ±1/100 of F.S