Hans-Schmidt Vietnam, DNW-100K, DNW-200K, DNW-300K, DNW-400K, đại lý Hans-Schmidt Vietnam


Special Features

Tension meter DNW can be used only for pretensioned, non-moving ropes
Calibration is done using a closed force system
Due to the material path the max. error is approx. 3 % FS (full scale)
Special lever reduces the force to extend outer rollers to capture the material to be measured
Tension meter with large, easy to read scale (54 mm Ø)
Linearized scale provides a better reading
Tension meter with shock-resistant movement
Special guides on the bracket assembly and roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the material
Model Measuring Range Measuring Head Width* SCHMIDT Calibration Material**
DNW-100K 10 – 100 daN 265 mm steel rope 2 mm Ø
DNW-200K 20 – 200 daN 265 mm steel rope 2 mm Ø
DNW-300K 30 – 300 daN 265 mm steel rope 3 mm Ø
DNW-400K 40 – 400 daN 265 mm steel rope 4 mm Ø