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Abgabe Eigenerklärungen (TVgG-NRW) Abgabe Eigenerklärungen (TVgG-NRW) Beckhoff Vietnam
AG2090-+K202SG0115-MQ30-AM297K bevel gear K202SG0115 MQ30 2-stages

ratio i= 11.5

max. acceleration torque Ma=220Nm

nominal output torque Mn=170Nm

backlash < 10 arcmin


The compatibility of gearbox to the named motor is based on a

mechanically check only!  The combination has to be verified related

to the required performance data of application!

Beckhoff Vietnam
Antivirus-Software für Server/ Clients trend micro antivirus client server suite Beckhoff Vietnam
BLP CX1515_B510.0  CAN-OPEN-EBENE CX1000 pcb CX1515_B510.0 CANopen/device net-section CX1000 Beckhoff Vietnam
BZ1743 contact label 100 x, PV in white Beckhoff Vietnam
BZ1744 contact label 100 x, KL in white Beckhoff Vietnam
BZ1747 100 contact labels, G, white Beckhoff Vietnam
C1100-000 Siemens S5 interface module, PC compatible

type Siemens S5-115 (with module casing)
Beckhoff Vietnam
C9900-F355 C9900-F355 Kundenspezifische Klappenfolie Typ Samsomatic für C3320, statt Standard Klappenfolie Beckhoff Vietnam
C9900-F372 Customer specific slide-in logo for display sizes 10 to 19 inch

type Koch, instead of Beckhoff logo
Beckhoff Vietnam
C9900-K408 Network cable RJ45, 15 m Beckhoff Vietnam
C9900-M615 Mounting frame for slim line diskette drive and slim line CD- or DVD-

drive in one 5¼ inch drive bay
Beckhoff Vietnam
C9900-Z427 Lock in the front flap of the C5102-1048 and C5102-1049, to open

and to close without a key
Beckhoff Vietnam
DK1111-1119 Gesamtkatalog 2020 Band 1
Beckhoff Vietnam
DK1112-1119 Main Catalog 2020 Volume 1
Beckhoff Vietnam
DK1121-1119 Main Catalog 2020 Volume 2
Beckhoff Vietnam
DK1122-1119 Main Catalog 2020 Volume 2
Beckhoff Vietnam
DK1301-0520 DK1301-0520 News Catalog 06´2020 Beckhoff Vietnam
DK1302-0520 DK1302-0520 News Catalog 06´2020 Beckhoff Vietnam
DK1311-0520 DK1311-0520 News Flyer 06´2020 Beckhoff Vietnam
DK1312-0520 DK1312-0520 News Flyer 06´2020 Beckhoff Vietnam

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