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The “CanNeed-L-100 CO2 Purity Tester” adopts Alkali Absorption Method to measure the purity of CO2. It is widely used in gas monitoring station and brewery plants. CanNeed-L-100 is a CO2 purity tester with the highest accuracy of the world. Accuracy: 0.001%.





When insert CO2 into the beer, please try to not to contain O2 in the added CO2. Otherwise, a mount of 
CO2 inserted into the beer at high pressure will lead to increasing the dissolved O2 rapidly. Using L-100 
with high accuracy of 0.001% to monitor the purity of adding CO2 can effectively evaluate the effects CO2 
has on the dissolved O2 in beer. When inserting CO2 in high pressure, the dissolved O2 in the CO2 has 
the following effects on the O2 of beer:

The inserting CO2       The O2 in CO2 (%)
                    0.001%    0.005%    0.02% 
1 g/liter         7 ppb      35 ppb   142 ppb 
2 g/liter        14 ppb      71 ppb   284 ppb  
4 g/liter        28 ppb    142 ppb    567ppb 
                    The adding dissolved O2 in beer (ppb)

Technical Data


Measuring range : 99.0%~100% (97%~100% for option, but the accuracy is 0.1%)
99.980%~100% : 0.001%
99.80%~99.97%: 0.01% 
99.00%~99.75% : 0.05%
Dimensions : 250 x 250 x 80 mm (L x H x W)
Net Weight : 0.75 kg




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