Canneed Vietnam, CanNeed-CC-1000, CanNeed-CC-1000 Canneed Vietnam, đại lý Canneed Vietnam


1. Special and professional design for samples in column shape. No need to cut cans. Easy to operate and sample-saving.
2. Spectrum gauge with linear array CCD analyzes the spectrum with resolution of up to 1nm.
3. High-speed test. Single test needs less than 50ms and one sample needs less than 1s.
4. Light source consists of several LEDs. Energy is even in the whole spectrum. Long Lifetime and stable.
5. Result is stable. Repeatability up to 0.05 △E.
6. Light source is conducted and spectrum is reflected by optical fiber, which makes the gauge accurate and compact.

Technical Parameter

Sample Type: Cans in Column Shape
Sample Lighting: Integral Spherical Diffuse Reflection Lighting
Spectrum Collection: 8° Collection
Light Source: Multi-way LED
Spectrum Analysis: Linear Array CCD Spectrum Gauge
Wavelength: 400-700nm
Wavelength Interval: 1nm
Spherical Diffuse Reflection: PTFE (Teflon)
Test Mouth Diameter:7mm
Whiteness Repeatability: 0.05△E (CIELAB)
Test Parameter: L*, a*, b*, △L*, △a*, △b*, △E*
Software: JY Color Analysis Software
Standard Lighting Object: A, B, C, D50, D55, D65, D75
Inspection Angel: 2°, 10°
Data Saving: Database
Interface: USB
Dimension: 200x250x222 mm
Weight: 7.4kg