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Các kiểu SLA5850 / SLA5860 / SLA5851 / SLA5861 / SLA5853 / SLA5863

Imagine choosing just one mass flow controller platform to handle fourteen different pressure or flow rates going into a single process. All while delivering the exact same, ultra-precise and repeatable output on the other side. That’s the advanced simplicity you get with the SLA5800 Series digital mass flow controllers and meters.

The SLA5800 Series features the high accuracy, high zero stability and high repeatability you expect from the industry leader in mass flow measurement and control technology. Engineered with a superior design - and manufactured with advanced metrology and test systems - the SLA5800 digital MFC offers a better zero drift specification than competitive products. SLA5800 has been proven to maximize production uptime and reduce maintenance and machine downtime costs. 

Learn more about the SLA5800 Series with EtherNet/IP™ or PROFINET. Use our Solution Finder to determine whether the NEW SLA Series Biotech engineered with two options packages can improve your bioprocess.