Bentone Vietnam, Bentone Multifuel, B40MF LP 1, B40MF LP 2, Bentone B40 MF, Bentone B45-2 MF, dai ly Bentone Vietnam 


Bentone Multifuel


1-stage burners available in versions up to 29.5 kg/h. 2-stage burners available in versions up to 55 kg/h.

Suitable for oils with higher viscosity of both fossil and biological origin. Equipped with preheater and components suitable for corrosive oils. Quiet in operation. A soft pulsation free start. Wide adjustment range and high efficiency ensure lowest possible energy consumption.

B40MF LP 1 14-36-41397  
B40MF LP 2 14-36-41398  
Bentone B40 MF 530004853605 6,5 - 29,5 kg/h
Bentone B45-2 MF 560003356602 Capacity: 9-55 kg/h (90-550 kW)