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Bentone BG550


Available in versions up to 628 kW. 2-stage or modulating. Can be obtained for all types of gas.

When changing from one type of gas to another only a few components need replacing. Mounted on guide bars. Slow opening solenoid valve. Gas connection left or right. Recom-mended for over- and underpressure boilers. Designed for easy maintenance. Energy saving. 

Also available in biogas versions. 
Biogas will affect the output and the compo-nents of the burner. Please contact Bentone for more information about biogas operation.

Available with LMV burner management system or standard burner control systems.

BG550 LMV 820006382606 Capacity: 140,0 - 626,0 kW, Gas: LPG+Natural, Multiblock: MB-D412, B01S52
BG550 LMV 820006482607 140,0 - 628,0 kW
BG550-2 820004482601 140,0 - 628,0 kW
BG550-2 820004782601 140,0 - 628,0 kW
BG550-2 820004982602 140,0 - 628,0 kW
BG550-2 820005082602 140,0 - 628,0 kW