ASKER Vietnam, Máy xúc CLE-150, Đại lý chính hãng ASKER Vietnam

Motorized Constant Loader CLE-150 Series

Most suitable for hardness measuring confirmed to JIS K 6253:2006 Stable descent speed control with motor driving system Available for optional speed setting from minimum 0.1mm/sec.

When we measure the hardness of rubber test specimen etc. with durometer, we have the possibility to make an error for the result of the measurement. To make solution for such an important factor fo the error, CLE-150 Series is employed the motor driving system for the descent speed control, and then we could realize to measure the hardness of constant speed and constant pressure that is precise and reproducible.

Measuring pressure

Measuring pressure is kept always constantly with static load by a weight. By a replacement of weight and flexible joint, it can be comply with necessary measuring pressure (1000g・5000g・500g) for each models of durometer.

Descent speed

Possible to set optional descent speed with stepping motor from 0.1 to 19.9mm/s.

Flexible joint system

The flexible joint system enables firm contact of the pressure foot with the surface of the test piece.

Load Stand dimension  (mm)                                   163.2W×244D×389H

Table dimension (mm)                                              150W×140D

Depth from measuring point (mm)                             70

Weight (kg)                                                                 13

Outer dimensions (mm)